Welcome to Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc.

Friends Grow Friends Foundation®, Inc. runs weekly social skills friendship clubs for children in grades K-12.


The program aims to simulate environments that children, pre-teens, and teens encounter in their everyday lives. Instructors coach the children through social interaction during different activities that include, but are not limited to, cooperative building, sports, recess games, mock birthday parties, typical playdate activities and community-based activities like art classes, Lego workshops, trips to the park, shopping, eating at a restaurant, community service projects and more. .


Children who have mild to moderate special needs, as well as typically developing children who may struggle socially, will benefit the most from this program.

Mission & Goals

Friends Grow Friends Foundation's® mission is to provide children with an opportunity outside of school hours to learn and practice social skills with their peers.

Our Goals:

  • Helping children develop stronger social skills
  • Giving children the opportunity to meet and make friends
  • Teaching them how to grow and maintain friendships
  • Reducing the sense of loneliness and frustration in children who struggle socially
  • Increasing their self-confidence with peers
  • Helping children to have a more fulfilling and happier childhood

The Program

Friends Grow Friends Foundation®, Inc. social skills friendship clubs run for one 60 minute session per week after school and during the summer. We also offer virtual video gaming group and virtual private small group instruction.

The program is open to children with mild to moderate special needs that are in grades K-12, and have social skills deficits.  Additionally, children with no special needs but who may need to refine their social skills or are looking to meet new friends are also encouraged to register. We focus on building social skills through different activities that include, but are not limited to:
  • typical playdate/"hangout" activities
  • recess games
  • sports
  • community-based activities including but not limited to trips to the park, shopping, eating at a restaurant, community service projects, Yestercades and more

Other highlights of our unique program include:
  • Low child to instructor ratio, plus additional volunteers onsite
  • Our instructors have varied backgrounds which enables the program to address a wide range of needs of our children
  • Programming developed collectively by a BCBA (Board Certified Behavior Analyst), behavioral therapists, parents, and teachers
  • Utilization of peer models. Socially proficient children will participate in the program in order to provide strong examples of appropriate social interaction and communication
  • Each program session will be customized to participants’ needs which will be determined through client intake process
  • Progress reports will be given to families

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