Friends Grow Friends Peer Mentor Stories

Peer Mentor Stories


“I like being a peer model so I can help other kids make friends.  It’s very fun going to the group.” — FGF Peer Mentor, age 6


“Being a peer model has helped me help other people.  I like that I get to help people and it’s fun to play the games with the other kids.” — FGF Peer Mentor, age 8


“I like being a peer leader because it is fun to help people.  The activities are super fun and I really like the kids I have met.” — FGF Peer Mentor, age 9


“Being a peer leader feels good.  It has helped me to understand differences and I have met really great people. I am so happy that [FGF] asked me to be a peer leader- I look forward to it every week!”– FGF Peer Mentor, age 13


“Being a peer [mentor] at Friends Grow Friends has been an incredibly amazing experience from day one. Witnessing (and more so, being a part of) an individual’s growth over a short period is an amazing feeling that I don’t know how to properly encapsulate into words. Having the ability to work with kids, all from a vast array of backgrounds and hear their stories and thoughts on various topics is something I would have never imagined I’d find so much joy in. When I began volunteering as a peer [mentor], I was not sure what to expect. Little did I know, I’d meet a group of people that made me feel beyond welcome every time I entered the Zoom call. Becoming a peer [mentor] was one of the best choices I’ve made, because the skills I’ve learned and perspectives I’ve gained are things that I can no longer imagine myself without.” —FGF High School Mentor, age 16

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