Online Policies and Procedures Manual

    Policies and Procedure for Participants in The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc.

    The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. requires that each parent sign this manual to show that you have read the policies and agree to adhere to them. 

    Overall Behavior and Conduct Requirements

    Please review the following guidance procedures with your children.

    Our goal is to establish and maintain a secure and safe environment for the children who participate in The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. program, as well as for the volunteers and staff. We strive to foster the following positive behaviors for all children and adults:

    • Respect Yourself and Respect Other Children and Adults

    • Respect Property

    • Stay with your Group

    • Leave Personal Belongings at Home

    Zero Tolerance for Bullying, Hitting, Punching or Cursing

    If my child’s behavior seriously violates the safety of any child or staff, I understand that he/she may be temporarily excluded from participation in the play session. In these circumstances, I agree that a parent or authorized adult will pick up my child within 30 minutes of notification.

    Behavioral Management

    Children who have exhibited aggression or have been seriously disruptive to the session will be given a “time-out”. Here, a child is given a few moments alone, under staff-supervision, to think about his or her actions before rejoining group activities.

    We believe that positive reinforcement teaches and encourages the healthy development of a child's self-esteem. Positive reinforcement techniques, such as praising are employed in order to reward a child for appropriate and positive behavior. Corporal or physical punishment is NOT PERMITTED by any member of The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc.

    Our overall goal of discipline is to create a stress free environment where behavior is learned rather than forced.

    Discipline Procedure

    1. Should inappropriate behavior occur, the concern will be discussed with the students, and the parents will be informed.

    2. Should inappropriate behavior continue, a second warning will be given and the parents will be notified in writing.

    3. Should inappropriate behavior still continue, a third warning will be given, and the student will be suspended for the next scheduled weekly group session.  There will be no make-up class allowed and no fee payment shall be refunded.

    4. Continued behavior problems may result in permanent dismissal. (Refunds will not be given.)

    Toilet Training

    All children attending the program must be toilet trained.

    Equal Opportunity Provider

    The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. is an equal opportunity provider. Applications for registration are accepted without regard to race, religion, sex, national origin, marital status or political beliefs.

    Severe Weather and Disaster

    Should an emergency requiring evacuation of our venue, Smart Start Preschool, occur, you will be notified immediately. If it is necessary to end the program due to severe weather, you will receive a phone call at the phone number we have on file.

    Parent Involvement 

    Parents may set up a meeting with the Program Director, Nicole Monat, to discuss individual needs and concerns. We use a consistent, positive approach including redirection, diversion and separation, always promoting self-discipline. Parents will be notified if there is a behavior problem.


    It is in the best interest of your child and the other children if you keep your child at home when he or she is ill. Children with fever, diarrhea, or vomiting will not be admitted to the program unless all symptoms have stopped at least 24 hours or longer before the session.
    If a child becomes ill while at the program, the parent will be called immediately to pick up the child. Parents will be notified regarding contagious illnesses. Children will be readmitted when they are no longer contagious, with proof from doctor/physician.

    If a child exhibits any of the following symptoms, he/she should not attend the program.
    If such symptoms occur during the program, the child will be removed from the group, and you will be called to take him/her home.

    Severe pain or discomfort
    Acute diarrhea
    Episodes of acute vomiting
    Elevated oral temperate of 101.5 degrees Fahrenheit
    Sore throat or severe coughing
    Yellow eyes or jaundice skin
    Red eyes with discharge
    Infected, untreated skin patches
    Difficult or rapid breathing
    Skin lesions that are weeping or bleeding
    Skin rashes lasting longer than 24 hours
    Swollen joints
    Visibly enlarged lymph nodes
    Stiff neck
    Blood in urine

    Once the child is symptom-free, or has a doctor’s note stating that he/she no longer poses a serious health risk to himself/herself or others, he/she may return to the center.

    A child who contracts any of the following diseases may not return to the center without a physician’s note stating that the child presents no risk to himself/herself or others:

    Respiratory Illness
    Chicken Pox*
    German Measles
    Hemophilus Infulenzae
    Strep Throat
    Whooping Cough

    Gastrointestinal Illnesses
    Giardia Lamblia
    Hepatitis A

    Contact Illnesses

    *Note: If your child has chicken pox, a doctor’s note is not required for re-admitting the child to the program. A note from the parent is required, stating either that at least six days have elapsed since the onset of the rash, or that all sores have dried and crusted.

    If your child is exposed to any excludable disease at the program, you will be notified in writing.


    In accordance with state law, we will not dispense any medication to any child during their participation in The Social Starts Foundation, Inc. program.

    Students who are required to take medication during the social skills group will need to have a parent or authorized adult stay on our premises and administer the medication to the child.

    Attendance and Late Pick-Up

    Parents must notify staff if their child will be late or absent. This is for the safety of the child. If the child is registered to come and does not appear, it is the responsibility of the parent to contact the Program Director at 917-715-1601 and leave a message that your child will not be attending the skills group or will be arriving late.  Please leave a return phone number with your message.

    Child Pick-Up and Drop-Off

    A parent or an authorized adult must sign in the child upon arrival at the program and must sign out the child and notify a staff member when a child is leaving. Parents are required to come in to the social skills group room and pick-up their child and sign the child out. Parents will give the program the names of all persons authorized to pick up their children. Staff will ask for picture ID of anyone they do not know. Persons not listed as authorized to pick up will not be allowed to take a child home with them.

    Release/Pick Up information should be input on the registration form, along with the parent’s signature.

    I understand that my child must be checked out either by computer or manually, both upon arrival and departure, by the person delivering/picking up the child. 

    Payment Obligations

    Each 6-week session must be paid in full for the child at least 7 days before the start of the program.  Your child’s placement in the program cannot be guaranteed until payment is made. The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. will accept, cash or check, or online payment via a credit card, PayPal, or Venmo.  If a payment is rejected by the credit card company or the bank*, it is the obligation of the parent to pay the full amount in cash 1 week prior to the 1st session or notify The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. that his/her child will not be attending the social skills group.
    *There will be a $34 fee charged to cover all returned checks.

    Snacks and Food

    The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. does NOT allow any food, snacks, beverages, candy or drinks to be brought into the social skills group.  Each parent must make sure that all items are given to the parent/authorized adult prior to the start of the session. Items may only be returned to the child after you have signed the child out at the conclusion of the group. The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. will provide bottled water during each session. During the playdate themed group, a snack and drink will be provided during each session. If your child has any allergies, you must indicate this on the child’s registration form. The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. will provide the list of authorized snacks to be used during the 6-week playdate themed session, along with the brand name and ingredients, to the parent. It is the parent's responsibility to inform the Program Director if there is anything on the authorized list of snacks that must be substituted for your child.  

    The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. will assume NO liability regarding any food or beverage your child ingests while on The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. premises.

    Proper Attire

    The program will require that proper clothing and footwear be worn at all times. Participants will be expected to wear proper clothing at all times and for all weather conditions.
    Personal toys, video games, items of value, candy, money, weapons, and fireworks are not permitted.

    The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. is not responsible for lost items. It is recommended that all of a child’s belongings be clearly marked. It is the parent/guardian’s responsibility to make sure their child is leaving with everything he/she came with.

    Emergency Care

    Parents/guardians must provide written authorization for emergency medical care and all pertinent information regarding emergency parent/guardian contact. In cases of emergency, staff will immediately call 911 and then parents/guardians next. In cases in need of non-emergency care, parents/guardians will be contacted by phone. If parents/guardians cannot be contacted the people listed on the Emergency Contact information form will then be contacted. 

    The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. will have one CPR/First Aid certified team member at each group meeting. Approved first aid kits are kept at the site and taken on all off-site activities. If a youth becomes injured or there is an accident, staff will first assess the situation. If the accident or injury is minor (a scrape or a bruise), the staff member will apply first aid as necessary. If staff have any questions about the severity of the accident or injury a parent/guardian will be contacted.

    The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc.’s venue, Smart Start Preschool has a frequent maintenance and inspection program on all facilities and equipment.

    Policy Receipt Acknowledgement

    I have read and been informed about the content, requirements, and expectations of The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. I have received a copy of the policy and procedures and agree to abide by these guidelines as a condition of my child being a participant in The Friends Grow Friends Foundation, Inc. social skills group.
    I understand that if I have questions, at any time, regarding the anything in this document, I will consult with Nicole Monat, President and Founder.
    Please read the policies and procedures carefully to ensure that you understand them before signing this document.


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