Friends Grow Friends Client Stories

Client Stories

“We cannot thank you enough for creating such a thoughtful and fun program to address and trouble shoot every day social situations and create learning opportunities for the children to practice their social skills without even knowing it.  I’ve seen our daughter’s confidence and understanding of social cues grow so much and the best part is that she cannot wait to go every week.  I would tell any parent that is hesitating for any reason to try it and they would be pleasantly surprised to see how enjoyable it is for the children and how reassuring it is for the parents to hear the Glows and Grows every week and know they are working so hard while having a blast.” — Friends Grow Friends Parent


“We have seen great social growth with [student] and his peers the last few weeks at school. We have been amazed. It has made my husband and I (and his teacher) so incredibly happy. He was playing with the boys on the playground (he used to play alone or with the girls), he comes up with ideas for the games etc. We would really love to continue with your program. We cannot thank you enough for the progress you have made with [student] in the short time he has been with you.” — Friends Grow Friends Parent


“Our daughter has thrived with Friends Grow Friends!  We have seen continued progress and improvement in her communication with kids and adults.  Her social skills have also improved as she is now participating more in group play (vs independent play) and enjoying the use of her growing skill sets.  It is truly amazing for us to see our daughter “find her voice” and become more confident in all she does.” — Friends Grow Friends Parent


“Thank you so much for all the wonderful work you have done with [my son] and for all the extremely helpful feedback, insight and suggestions you have provided to me. This group is so unique and wonderful for our community.” — Friends Grow Friends Parent


“Friends Grow Friends has been extremely helpful for my son and his peer to peer interaction! He is learning how to have conversations and engage a friend in a virtual playdate setting. Friends Grow Friends couldn’t have made doing this virtual easier! They delivered supplies to our home for my son to do crafty and exciting activities during his playdate, which keeps the kids focused and happy! I’m excited to continue to watch my son grow and gain confidence in social settings. This has been truly beneficial to our family!” — Friends Grow Friends Parent


“In these uncertain and unpredictable times the Friends Grow Friends Foundation® provided reliable and innovative ways to educate my son as well as stay in touch “socially” through virtual play dates. These play dates included one-on-one instruction of a specific social skill, hands-on activities and educational projects. My five-year-old especially enjoyed the scavenger hunts, science experiments, and Lego builds. All of the materials were provided as well as weekly progress reports. Socialization and communication in early childhood development is more important now than ever and I am so grateful to have the Friends Grow Friends Foundation® and their commitment to helping my son with these skills.” — Friends Grow Friends Parent


“We couldn’t have found Friends Grow Friends at a better time. My son had some setbacks due to COVID and being out of school. The social group at school just wasn’t working for him. From the first [virtual] session, I knew we had found the perfect program. The instructors are amazing, patient, caring, and so kind. The activities planned keep the children engaged and looking forward to the next session. I eagerly await his progress updates that are sent every couple of weeks. It gives me more insight into how he is doing and opens the door for conversations at home. My son is always upset during the break weeks and can’t wait for a new session to begin. From the bottom of my heart, thank you to all of the instructors for guiding him and helping him grow! We could not ask for a better program!”– Friends Grow Friends Parent


“Our daughters have been enjoying participating in FGF [virtual] group sessions over the past 10 months, and are particularly looking forward to creative group craft-making from materials in thoughtfully assembled goodie-bags delivered by FGF to your door. Thoughtful and timely written summaries of kids’ progress & challenges keep parents in the loop. Nicole and her team are a pleasure to deal with, and we’d recommend FGF to others without hesitation.” — Friends Grow Friends Parent

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